Board Chair

Board Chair

Cori Welbes

Cori Welbes, Director of Camping Services, Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.

Graduate of Michigan State University with over 35 years of Camp Administration experience.

Member of the American Camp Association, past board member of ACA Florida Section and the ACA Southeast Local Council of Leaders.

Current American Red Cross Instructor, Crisis Prevention Institute Instructor.

“Camp is an irreplaceable experience that everyone deserves to have to learn and grow!”

Vice Chair

Vice Chair

Matt Ragan

Director of Support Service and Camp Director of Central Florida Council Boy Scouts – youth development non-profit organization developing youth character building, personal fitness and life skills.
For over 19 years working for the Boy Scouts as a professional assisting volunteers in providing youth program, recruiting members, directing Camp La-No-Che for 17 years, raising funds, building new camp facilities and board development.

As the Camp La-No-Che Director, we serve over 20,000 youth and family members yearly. Camp La-No-Che provides weekend programs, summer camp, winter camp, adventure camp and school programs for 6 year old youth – 20 years old young adults. Camp La-No-Che and our four other camps provides over 1600 acres with 130 buildings and forest resources on the southern edge of the Ocala National Forest. Matt works with a volunteer Physical Resource committee in our maintenance and capital building projects and a volunteer Program Committee providing our Scouting Camp Program.

As a volunteer, Matt has provided assistance to the American Red Cross in Disaster Services and CPR & First Aid instruction, Central Florida Council tornado services assistance in North Lake County, volunteered in School Advisory Committees and helps volunteer through the United Way in our community.

Matt has been a Child Care Worker through the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, provided health social services to low income families working for State of Florida, social worker for chronically ill children and a Summer Camp Counselor in Wisconsin.



Mary Anne Adams

Mary Anne Adams is the Executive Director and owner of Happy Acres Ranch, Inc, a day camp and preschool in Jacksonville, FL.

She holds a Masters in Counseling from Florida State University and was formerly an Elementary School Guidance Counselor with the Duval County public schools.

She is active in several professional organizations including ACA, NAEYC andThe Duval Directors network.

Mary has been involved with advocacy in the field of Early Learning for the past five years, serving on the Duval Early Learning Coalition and the Advocacy Leadership team.

Governmental Affairs Director     e- mail:

Governmental Affairs Director

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Michael Cusick

President and CEO of Michael Cusick & Associates, Inc. – a statewide public policy consulting firm representing national and Florida companies and associations.

For over ten years Mike served as the President and CEO of the Florida Coalition for Children – A statewide association advocating for abused and neglected children and the people that serve those children.

As Staff Director of three Florida House of Representatives Committees over a period of ten years Mike was privileged to be able to study and recommend solutions for many of Florida’s most pressing issues from management of hazardous waste to health care. Mike has represented and consulted with numerous major multinational corporations as well as significant organizations serving some of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens. As Deputy Director of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Mike helped develop one of the most effective public advocacy programs in Florida.

As a volunteer Mike has helped organizations reestablish services after hurricanes, expand a community science and art center for children, advocated for persons with disabilities, and participated in or lead many other community activities and causes.

Mike has been a teacher, administrator, researcher, lobbyist, consultant and volunteer but always an advocate for good public policy and effective care for people in need.

Executive Director    e- mail:

Executive Director

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Erin Cusick

Erin Cusick is the Executive Director of the Coalition of Florida Camps.

Growing up in Florida’s capital city, she fell in love with volunteerism and the political process early on.

During her youth, Erin worked as a camp counselor for vacation bible school programs and her high school’s rowing camp.

In college, Erin traveled to Jamaica to work with at-risk children, built houses for families in Guatemala and spent a semester in Italy studying art history and Italian culture.

After earning her BS degree from Florida State University, Erin worked through two legislative sessions as an associate of former Secretary of the Florida Department of Health Wayne McDaniel and as a registered Lobbyist working with former Florida Secretary of State Sandra Mortham.

She continued to expand her career experiences when she joined Florida State University’s Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy as the Training Coordinator for the Partners for a Healthy Baby workshop for Home Visitors. The Partners for a Healthy Baby trainings focused on early intervention practices and the prevention of abuse and neglect in low- income homes.

When Erin isn’t working, she loves to travel. In between legislative sessions, she participated in an archaeological dig in Israel and recently hiked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela across northern Spain.

As Director of the Coalition of Florida camps, Erin works to protect and promote the camp experience. She believes strongly in the power of the camp experience and its ability to help change the lives of children and adults.